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Is taking place on Thursday 15th March 2018, 11:00 - 12:30
Core Fitness Boutique Gym, The Union Building, 51-59 Rose Lane, Norwich, NR1 1BY (Bottom Floor)

Our March meeting is being hosted at Core Fitness boutique gym located on the bottom floor of  The Union Building, Norwich.

A fully equipped gym, juice bar and unique fitness classes.

After a short introduction to the event and venue we leave you to have some good TweetUp chat whilst enjoying the refreshments available.

Please can you bring Squash or Kitchen Roll (instead of biscuits)…

Our networking sessions are FREE but this month we are asking guests to donate Squash or Kitchen Roll to Jill Watkinson‘s appeal – these are given to the Big C Centre at The Norfolk + Norwich Hospital.

Please note – If you would like to take live video whilst at the event, please gain permission from people who may appear in it before broadcasting.

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